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Rates and Availability

A state availability map can be found here. Visit ADDS® to view your licensed state's rates.

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Benefits of Coverage

Issue ages: 65-85

5% household discount

Daily Hospital Confinement Benefit Amounts $100-$1,500*

No networks or deductibles

Customizable coverage with optional riders

Benefit period options of 5, 10, 15 days or First Day hospital confinement*

*Benefits may vary by state.

How Hospital Indemnity Works

You pay $1,500 ($300/day co-pay x 5 days = $1,500)*

You receive $1,500 ($300 co-pay x 5 days = $1,500)*

This consumer-facing video is a great resource to share with clients to give an overview of Vantage Flex 65®. 

This video provides you as an agent with a detailed overview of Vantage Flex 65®.

Agent Support

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For Agent Use Only

A Hospital Indemnity Policy† is not Medicare Supplement insurance nor is it a substitute for Medicare Supplement insurance.

If you are eligible for Medicare, please read the Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare available from the Company.

Hospital Indemnity Policy† form series B 21602 is underwritten by Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company®. Limitations and exclusions apply; actual policy provisions control. Rates subject to change on a class basis. Application to determine eligibility required. 

Product availability and benefits can vary by state. THIS IS A LIMITED BENEFIT POLICY.

† Individual Hospital Indemnity Policy for residents of Georgia, Limited Benefit Supplemental Health Insurance for residents of Missouri, Individual Supplemental Indemnity Policy for residents of Colorado.

For Missouri residents only: The form number for the Policy is B 21602(rev16) MO.

For Pennsylvania residents only: The form number for the Policy is B 21602 PA, Optional Riders B 21602 R1 PA, B 21602 R2 PA, B 21602 R3 PA, B 21602 R4 PA, B 21602 R5 PA, B 21602 R6 PA, B 21602 R7 PA, B 21602 R8 PA, B 21602 R9 PA

Products not sold in AK, CA, CT, ID, MA, ME, MN, NH, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA or WI. Plan availability can vary by state.

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