As an agent with Bankers Fidelity, it's important to learn the ropes. Start by watching the video and reading some of our most frequently asked agent questions to become acquainted with maintaining your contract and more.

Agent Benefits

Qualify for $50,000 in life insurance, discounted E&O rates and more.

Discount on CE credits through BOLT® University.

Critical insurance coverage to protect against the high costs and effects of a cyber attack or data breach.

Marketing and Training

Visit our one-stop shop to order personalized, printed Bankers Fidelity marketing materials to enhance your cross-selling, retention and lead generation efforts.

Refresh your Bankers Fidelity operations and product knowledge at any time using our online training platform full of webinars, discounts on CE credits, and more.

Agent Support

Questions? Need additional training? 

You can request help from our Agent Support Team by filling out the form below. 

To reach a representative by phone, call us at 866.458.7503. You may also email us at

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