Recovery from injury and illness on your own terms.

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Recovery from injury and illness on your own terms

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The insured may enter the nursing facility directly from their home; there is no pre-hospitalization requirement.

No Prior Hospitalization Required

A policy cannot be cancelled due to changes in health as long as premiums are paid on time, either in advance or during the grace period.

Following confinement in a nursing home, and after being confinement-free for six consecutive months, 100% of the benefit period is restored. If a Home Health Care Rider is issued, this also applies. The lifetime maximum benefit is two times the benefit period selected.

Full Restoration of Benefits

Benefits of Vantage Recovery

Coverage Options

Choose the coverage that fits you and your budget - You can select daily benefits up to $300 and benefit periods of 90, 180, 270 or 360 days. Benefits can begin as early as day 1 or as late as day 21 after nursing home confinement or home health care begins.

Guaranteed Renewable for Life

Broad Definition of Coverage

Benefits are paid when the insured is unable to perform any of the two of five Activities of Daily Living and their physician verifies that it is medically necessary for a nursing home stay.

Optional Riders 

Optional riders are available to enhance coverage. Riders include the Home Health Care and Cancer First Occurrence Benefit Rider.


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Short-Term Care Nursing Facility Confinement Policy form B 21702 underwritten by Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company®, Atlanta, GA. Limitations and Exclusions apply; actual policy provisions control. Rates subject to change on a class basis. Application to determine eligibility required. Product availability and benefits may vary by state.


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